28 September 2021




Additive Circuits (S) Pte Ltd's venture into printed circuit boards in 1986 as a high volume manufacturer of double-sided printed circuit boards servicing the electronics industry in the Asia Pacific Regions. Situated in the western part of Singapore Island, Additive Circuits has grown to become a multi-layer printed circuit board manufacturer. Today, Additive Circuits has carved out a niche market in the high frequency, high density and high layer counts Burn-In Boards.

Equipped with the latest technologies and skilled professionals, Additive Circuits is dedicated to meet the urgent requests and deliver reliable printed circuit boards on demand and punctually.

Electronics has become an integrated part in our everyday lives and form the backbone of today's society. From cutting edge products to medical devices, high frequency to impedance controlled boards; Additive Circuits has the knowledge to cater to the most demanding circuit board designs. Our engineering and manufacturing departments work closely to support the most stringent requirements from our clients. Additive Circuits takes full advantage of its diverse expertise to constantly recommend highly reliable materials and to provide business solutions to our customers.

With a built-in area of 45,000sqft, our production can manage up to 30 layers of printed circuit boards, from standard FR4 double-sided printed circuit boards to high density Burn-In Boards for the semiconductor industry. With a growing world-wide market operating across a wide base of industries, Additive Circuits strife to excel in a variety of specifications and board finishes.

We know how to make circuit boards that work. Highly sophisticated equipment is only as good as the people operating them. We developed our people and view them as assets to our growth. We conduct regular in-house training of operators and recertify our engineers in critical processes as part of our Quality Assurance program. Our achievements in producing high demand, good quality printed circuit boards have encouraged the staff at ACS to look forward to a more positive future and taking pride in their work. We believe in total involvement of the staff in producing quality boards.



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